It's been a slice

Dear Reader,

This little agency was a place for people. We had fun, got to be creative, sometimes stomped our feet when things didn’t go our way, but worked hard and gave our clients the best. After seven years it’s time to say adieu and move on to new things.

To all the talented people who took a chance to work at, and work with this little shop, I want to express my deepest gratitude. There were always things to be learned through the work we did together, but my greatest learnings were about myself and humanity through you. Your time, passion, dreams, sorrows and hopes all shaped a pretty incredible journey. Thank you. I have gained friendships that will last a lifetime.

To our clients who trusted us to support their goals and gave us creative challenges that pushed our work to new heights, I thank you for giving us the chance. Some incredible relationships were forged in the trenches that always lead to smiles, celebrations and the freedom to use expletives over a nice glass of wine. F**k yeah!

To the artists in Vancouver whose work filled our gallery walls with beauty, and our events with the creative community, thank you for sharing in our culture. You infused our space with inspiration, creative chaos and thoughtfulness.

To my friends and family, running a business is messy and unpredictable and with all the freedom comes all the responsibility. Thank you for being there for me while I endeavoured to grow into shoes that take a lifetime to fill. Thank you for continuing to support me as I try new things.

What’s next? It’s hard to say, but in the words of Diane Arbus, “my favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.” So that’s where I’m going.


Sarah Tesla

Sarah Tesla
Founder, Make Creative