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I was invited this month to share my UX expertise as a guest writer on Enjoy!

UXperts Weigh In: Designs We Love, December Edition


tina-lise-ng-250The White Helmets site is a great example of how good layout decisions, strong content, and smart UX choices can capture an audience. The layout is simple and component based, which from a content management standpoint is always a smart decision. I really appreciate the large emotive photography, bright colors, and bold typography. The messaging is clear, powerful and to the point. The copy is written thoughtfully, is informative, and doesn’t overwhelm the user. Without looking under the hood, I can tell that the website is easy for the client to update. Some notable UX decisions:

  • The positioning of the red donate button underneath the logo in the top right corner will not easily be missed and immediately draws the user’s attention.
  • The lack of navigation allows the user to focus on the website’s primary function (to inform, gain petition signatures, and collect donations).
  • The creep-in petition form field at the top is well-timed and only appears after scrolling past the first one displayed in the hero area.
  • The use and position of the image slider helps to reinforce the narrative.
  • Using graphics that visualize the types of items the donations will pay for not only functions as an excellent incentive to donate, but is also a nice break in the layout.

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