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What about those millennials that are selling versus (not) buying?

Me, I’m a Gen X’er, just on the cusp of being a Millennial (or Gen Y). If I’m driving from Coquitlam, my commute is approximately 74 km per day. Known for its poor drivers and lack of mass transit planning to support itself and surrounding areas, that can translate into unpredictable arrival times, stress, and […]

In this wonderful digital world we live in there are so many platforms to be seen and heard, to tell our story and share our thoughts (just like this blog!). We have access to various communication devices, social platforms and an infinite library literally at our fingertips. It feels like yesterday I was calling home, […]

Having just had a birthday, I was unwillingly reminded of my age. Still comfortably in what is known as one’s ‘mid-thirties’, I’m old enough to be eligible for the following fictitious cub scout badges: Floppy Mavis: Having used floppy disks to install Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing The Trailblazer: Played Oregon Trail (poor Nicole) VGA Legends: […]