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Candid interviews with international students about their motivations for studying in Canada.

While the majority of Canada is still swooning over our Prime Minister and his tremendous core strength, there’s clearly a real circus happening south of the border. And by circus, I mean, a very sad and never-ending trainwreck of Donald Drumph #makedonalddrumphagain. Assuming Drumph gets the GOP nomination, will the youth of America stand up […]

International travel is a right of passage for many young people. Being immersed in a different lifestyle or socio-economic circumstance builds character and can spark life changing friendships. But did you know that youth travellers are also major contributors to the global travel economy, generating 285 billion* in revenue for the industry? They account for […]

Voter apathy had been steadily building since the previous two elections, and pollsters and journalists alike were suggesting that a strong youth turnout could tip the scales of power. How exciting! The people have obviously spoken. So now that our new government is officially in the driver’s seat, does Prime Minister Trudeau, who also happens […]

I have owned my company for four and a half years, but only made the revelatory mind shift that I am an owner last fall. So what changed? I am relating the shift to something akin to opening dark curtains and letting light engulf a room. I simply wasn’t letting the truth about being an […]