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I was invited this month to share my UX expertise as a guest writer on Adobe.com. Enjoy!

Our UX designer, Tina, provides a step by step process on how to create component-based design to ensure the happiness of your client while also giving you peace of mind.

Before working for Make I spent years working as a graphic designer for various digital startups in and around Montreal. I created hundreds (if not thousands) of bilingual email campaigns. I hadn’t even heard of Mailchimp yet. You can imagine the pain I felt as a young designer, fresh out of school, eager to create […]

Hello, my name is Tina and I’m a UX Designer. My official job title is one that I struggle with daily. I often deflect or generalize my job description when people ask me what I do. Recently, I attended the CanUX conference held in our fine country’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. And guess what? I’m not […]

So, what’s with our obsession with the colour white? The fixation of purity and its relationship to “whiteness” emerged in the centuries of European colonialism and imperialism that followed the Renaissance. Paired with the Catholic Church’s tactics in pushing the notion that cleanliness was next to godliness and its attempts to educate the public on […]