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Candid interviews with international students about their motivations for studying in Canada.

I was invited this month to share my UX expertise as a guest writer on Adobe.com. Enjoy!

Fighting the obsolescence without killing our productivity is what really defines a good Developer. Finding a good balance between working and learning is the real deal.

Ok, so this is nothing new. Commentators have been prophesying the demise of the little blue bird since 2009, but for anyone under 25, this statement rings pretty darn true. With the onset of self-destructing private messaging and anonymous apps such as SnapChat and Whisper, young people are turning to different platforms to share messages, […]

Hello, my name is Tina and I’m a UX Designer. My official job title is one that I struggle with daily. I often deflect or generalize my job description when people ask me what I do. Recently, I attended the CanUX conference held in our fine country’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. And guess what? I’m not […]

Don’t get me wrong, I love Adobe. Photoshop has been my best friend since version 6.0 and I was amazed by the magical “never pixelated” vector results of Illustrator, but that was a long time ago. After the acquisition of Macromedia, I was really excited by all the upcoming updates and package bundles made to improve […]

“You look troubled?” Our copywriter asked me. “Not troubled. The more I learn and research, the more I realize I’m the target market here. Every article I read is #millennialsmatter, or ‘how to market to millennials.’” “You’re right. We should just interview you,” she laughed. Sadly, it’s not as simple as asking the fresh-faced university student […]