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Frequently asked questions


What services do you offer?

Make is a nimble, solutions-driven agency that provides killer digital services for youth audiences, specifically 16-35 year olds. We tackle strategy, creative and technical innovation supported by testing and validation. We create beautiful, high-converting digital products backed by research, analytics, and UX best practice. We don’t just build websites, we create the tools to build your business.


What is unique or different about Make?

Since day one, we’ve been actively engaging and connecting with youth—not just through our research and client work, but through our Gallery events and community engagement initiatives. Whether it’s increasing enrolment numbers at UBC or engaging millennial moms for Vega, we use our expertise to help businesses succeed.


Who do you work with?

We have a curatorial approach to building our client partnerships, which range from higher education to lifestyle brands. Our work engagements harness the full breadth of our services and provide omni-channel solutions.

Our current client roster includes:

  • The University of Northern British Columbia
  • Association for Co-Operative Education
  • Capilano University
  • The Industry Training Authority
  • Vega (Sequel Naturals)
  • Parallel 49 Brewing

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re helping our clients succeed, please contact us to request our credentials.


Who works at Make?

We like to describe ourselves as “smart, easy-going, solutions-driven people who will improve your mental health and bottom line.”  If you’d like to get to know us better please check out our dynamic team, or come by for a chat.

Patrick Connelly, Creative Director

Tina Ng, Director of Design

Kate Reid, Content Strategist

William Jarvis, Director of Production

Carmela Rowe, Senior Digital Project Manager

Ben Macdonell, Full-Stack Developer

Sarah Tesla, Founder & Managing Director


Why should I choose Make over another digital partner?

We listen, collaborate and promise never to serve you crappy cheese platters. We’re focused on creating value for our clients rather than putting feathers in our fedoras. Most importantly, we care deeply about the work we do and take pride in doing things exceptionally well and on budget. At the end of the day, we’re also the kind of folks you’d wanna have a beer with (or a glass of rosé if you fancy).


How do you define "youth" exactly?

Youth are diverse in their voice and perspectives. They are more connected than any generation before them and they advocate for change. They demand transparency and hate bullshit. Some folks call them Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) but for us, “youth” is a broader concept. Youth can be defined by an age range or an ethos; an approach or a lifestyle choice. No matter how you decide to slice it, we’re pros at connecting with folks aged 16-35 in the digital space.


What's it like to work with Make?

We augment your team where needed, bringing deep expertise and insights to the table. We advocate for design iteration, testing and strategically-informed decision making. Our project management systems are tight and we keep projects running on time and on budget. When we wrap a project, we’ll celebrate our victories with cake and pony rides. Ok, maybe not the ponies.


What kind of beer do you have in the fridge?

Our favourite kind of beer is the one we share with you. Luckily one of our clients Parallel 49 Brewing makes sure we always have something delicious (and cheeky) in our fridge. And on Saturdays we like Sunday Cider. If we’re feelin’ fancy, we’ve been known to whip up a nice cocktail here and there (mostly involving Bourbon).

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