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Candid interviews with international students about their motivations for studying in Canada.

I was invited this month to share my UX expertise as a guest writer on Adobe.com. Enjoy!

What about those millennials that are selling versus (not) buying?

Fighting the obsolescence without killing our productivity is what really defines a good Developer. Finding a good balance between working and learning is the real deal.

Katie Stewart delivers a how-to guide on increasing the engagement of your images with 5 easy tips (plus a long intro about Katie’s life).

Our UX designer, Tina, provides a step by step process on how to create component-based design to ensure the happiness of your client while also giving you peace of mind.

While the majority of Canada is still swooning over our Prime Minister and his tremendous core strength, there’s clearly a real circus happening south of the border. And by circus, I mean, a very sad and never-ending trainwreck of Donald Drumph #makedonalddrumphagain. Assuming Drumph gets the GOP nomination, will the youth of America stand up […]

Ok, so this is nothing new. Commentators have been prophesying the demise of the little blue bird since 2009, but for anyone under 25, this statement rings pretty darn true. With the onset of self-destructing private messaging and anonymous apps such as SnapChat and Whisper, young people are turning to different platforms to share messages, […]

Before working for Make I spent years working as a graphic designer for various digital startups in and around Montreal. I created hundreds (if not thousands) of bilingual email campaigns. I hadn’t even heard of Mailchimp yet. You can imagine the pain I felt as a young designer, fresh out of school, eager to create […]

This holiday season we circulated a pretty sweet little Winter Jams playlist to our friends and colleagues. Our aim? To brighten your day with a catchy song (or 10), but also to help support a charity that we believe is doing great work. The charity that the Make team selected is called War Child. War […]