Design +

Usability-focused Design and Development

We like delighting people with joyful user experiences. We’re obsessed with creating friction-free and conversion-oriented UX. In other words, our mission is to give users what they want in an intuitive way while meeting (or exceeding) our clients’ conversion goals.

Whether your want to increase brand engagement, online sales or student enrolment, we’ve got the UX chops and development expertise to get you there.


IA & Wireframes

Our IA documents are true roadmaps that bring clarity to complexity. We’re always looking for the most simple and intuitive way to organize and deliver information.

Low-fi wireframes and prototypes let us express the functionality, structure and content hierarchy of a project before launching into design. It’s a cost-efficient process that let’s us test our ideas with real users and ensure the success of our projects before they go live.



Make’s Design philosophy is to put the user at the centre of our world (well, not literally at the centre as it’s rather hot down there). Our mission is to connect with users and deliver content in a beautiful and engaging way.

We do things responsive first. That means we create flexible, reusable design components that look and function beautifully on all kinds of devices. We don’t rely on static visuals to bring design to life—we use prototypes, branded movement, and animations to take design to the next level and test our ideas.


Make’s development team doesn’t just keep their work stations tidy, they’re obsessed with clean, flexible and reusable code. We take quality engineering seriously (you won’t find us hacking cheap WordPress or Drupal templates). We care about what’s under the hood, which is why everything we produce is tested, supported and reflects modern best practices.

We’re big on training and empowering clients with easy to use CMS experiences. Updating your site should be simple and we want our clients to rock the drivers seat when cruising around their site’s back-end.


“Make is awesome. I’ve worked with Make on a few different projects and they did not disappoint. From concept to deployment, the Make team provided first class client support, great insight and strategy, and most off all produced amazing work. I highly recommend working with them if you’re looking to take your organization’s digital presence to the next level.”

Jose Gonzalez Director of Digital Marketing - Vega