Testing +

Make it better

Can we push it? It’s not about buttons (granted, we like those too). It’s a question we ask ourselves at every stage to ensure you’re getting the most out of your digital properties, emails or social media campaigns.

Our mantra is to test early and often. By doing so, we can anticipate and eliminate pain points before the project launch and optimize experiences throughout a product lifecycle. Testing allows us to make informed recommendations, improve conversions and the overall user experience.


UX Testing

User testing doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. We start by defining who our ideal test subjects are and gather a sample that reflects your target audience. We use real human testers (no offence, robots) and observe unique user behaviours while asking the right questions. Sessions, screen activity and vocalizations are recorded to uncover the specific factors impacting user experience.

It sounds like detective work, but it’s a lean and effective testing process. In the end, you’ll have clear recommendations around how to optimize content and boost conversion-rates.

Improve site performance through user-testing, analytics and ongoing optimization.

Analytics Insights

We promise not to be wearing Speedos when we dive into your analytics. Step one for us is designing a web analytics measurement plan so we know what to collect and why it matters for your business.

We’ll help you make sense of how your site is performing through customized dashboards and active measurement. That means examining real human behaviour and influences instead of reporting on the same old data on clicks or bounce rates.

Like scuba gear and bizarre metaphors, Google Analytics are powerful tools once you know how to use them.


Technical Audit

Make’s tech discovery process helps us develop a deep understanding of your technical ecosystems. We want to see what can be improved, optimized and modernized within your current technical infrastructure. Our aim is to:

  • Uncover technology pain points
  • Provide platform and tool recommendations
  • Improve technology workflow and performance

“Make’s UX testing was a quick and cost-effective way to understanding how our target audience interacted with our brand online. They gathered extremely valuable data about our youth audience that we can use to make better business and marketing decisions–well worth the investment!”

Susan Kirk Director of Communications - The Industry Training Authority