The Youth Vote and the US Election

While the majority of Canada is still swooning over our Prime Minister and his tremendous core strength, there’s clearly a real circus happening south of the border. And by circus, I mean, a very sad and never-ending trainwreck of Donald Drumph #makedonalddrumphagain.

Assuming Drumph gets the GOP nomination, will the youth of America stand up to him in the actual election?

Much like in the US, here in Canada, our youth are typically no-shows on voting day and in general, are quite apathetic when it comes to politics. Sigh.

In Canada, statistics show that as one looks at older demographics (55-74), the voter participation declines rapidly among younger voters.




2015 results are not available from Elections Canada until this fall, but if you look at 2008 vs 2011, there was really only ~2% increase in voter participation by 18-24 year olds, and a decrease of ~3% in 24-34 year olds. No major youth uprising there.

How did voter turnout look for the youth in the 2012 US Presidential elections?




So will the youth of America, put down their phones long enough to unite and revolt against Drumph?

The answer.

There will probably be an increase in the youth vote, but nothing that will change the consistent trend of voter apathy among younger people. Yay Facebook! Yay Snapchat!

In the meantime, some great political imagery curated from the internets.





If you want to read more about the youth vote in the US / Canada here are some sources:

Lost in Translation: (MIS) Understanding Youth Engagement

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